San Diego County Plant Atlas

San Diego County Plant Atlas on Google Earth

A presentation of the complete current collection of the San Diego Plant Atlas is available for download as a set of Google Earth overlays. The presentation provides an overlay of the Atlas Grid, locations of individual plant collections organized by plant family and species, and a set of clickable markers to produce a list of the plants collected from within any grid square. If you do not have the Google Earth program on your computer, you can get the free download by clicking here:
Google Earth.

The Google Earth presentation consists of three individual overlays described below. Download all three for the complete set. Note: This presentation includes only specimens with verified identity of the 55,000+ specimens of the Plant Atlas project. The SDNHM herbarium holds 77,000+ specimens collected from San Diego County.

Atlas Grid Atlas Grid To insure a uniform collection effort over the 4,525 square miles of San Diego County, the county is divided into nearly 500 grid squares, each about 3 miles square. The basis of the grid is the Township Range Survey (TRS), the same grid system used for the San Diego County Bird Atlas.

   To download the Atlas Grid, click the image.
Atlas Grid Atlas Grid List The Atlas Grid List overlay places a single icon inside each atlas square. Clicking an icon opens a web page with a list of the plants collected within that square. With each plant is a link for a Google search for images of that plant.

   To download the Atlas Grid List, click the image.
Atlas Grid Plant Atlas The Plant Atlas overlay provides a checkbox list of the plants found in the county organized by plant family. The collections made of each family, or an individual species, can be displayed on the map by checking the checkboxes. This download will be updated periodically as the Plant Atlas grows. The date of the current file appears below.

   To download the Plant Atlas, click the image.
   File date: 18 December 2013

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