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Special Instructions for CalPhotos
(if you get no photo)

Note:  (April 2006) Recent changes to taxonomic naming have been implemented in the Plant Atlas database. Many of these plants may be found in the CalPhotos site with their older names. Refer to the information regarding name changes on the home page.

The link from the Plant Atlas pages to CalPhotos, requests a picture based on the complete plant name that appears in the Plant Atlas table. If the name includes a subspecies or variety name, that part is included.

Often, CalPhotos pictures are named only to the species level. So when you request a picture using a full name with ssp or var, you may get nothing. If you want to see a picture without regard to the subspecies or variety, follow these instructions. Caution: Be advised that it is likely you may not be seeing a photo of the actual plant in question, but only a relative. This is particularly true if the plant is on the rare, endangered, threatened list.

In the address bar at the top of the page you will see the full address to the page with the taxon name that we send. For example: . . . . . . &where-taxon=Lepidium+flavum+var.+felipense

This request will result in no picture.

If you put your cursor in the address line, and delete the "+var+felipense" you will then have:

                   . . . . . . . . ?where-genre=plant&where-taxon=Lepidium+flavum

Then press the Enter key, and you will find pictures of Lepidium flavum.