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This is the log-in page for direct entry of specimen data into the
San Diego Natural History Museum Herbarium collection by botanists/collectors associated with the museum.
If you are a registered parabotanist, do not use this page for data entry of specimens of San Diego County. Use the Plant Atlas.
For coordination of specimen submission and data entry, please contact
Layla Aerne-Hains (Phone: 619.255.0229 Email:

First Name: 
Last Name: 
*Batch ID: 

* Contact: Enter a phone number or email address so we can reach you in case of questions.
* Batch ID: Enter a unique identifier for the group of records to be entered. (Maximum of 10 characters) This ID will enable the SDNHM staff to find and handle these records as a group. Typically the BatchID is your last name and the number of the first specimen in the group. Record the Batch ID. You will need it if you have to edit any of these records later.

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