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Collected and Observed (iNaturalist) Plant Distribution
Enter a botanical name in the Species 1 text boxes and click the Show Map button.
 Use the Plant Name Finder for spelling and to cross reference a common name.
To map two plants, enter a second plant in the Species 2 text boxes and click the checkbox  
Species 1: Plant Name 1 (scientific):    
Only one box can be checked. If the first box is checked a second plant may be entered to be mapped.
If the second box is checked, the first plant entered will be mapped from the SDNHM collected specimens and also mapped from iNaturalist observations.
If plant names do not include a var. or ssp., mapping will be done of all plants of the genus/species. iNaturalist plants often are not identified to the ssp./var. level.
Species 2: Plant Name 2 (scientific):    
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