Current Checkist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County, California
Current checklist of San Diego plant species maintained by the Plant Atlas project, updated periodically
Based on the San Diego County Checklist, 5th edition, 2014, by Jon P. Rebman, SDNHM, and Michael G. Simpson, SDSU
Click here for a list of changes from the 4th Edition
List the species of this selected family: 
• The results shown here are not an exact match to the published checklist. For critical requirements, consult the book, available from SDNHM.
• Some links to the SDNHM photo collection will yield no photos. The photo collection is a work in progress.
• Some links to USDA or CalPhotos may fail due to name changes. Click here for the Jepson (University of California) list of current synonyms.
• Don't know the family? Use the Plant Atlas Name Finder to find plant family names using common names or parts of common names or scientific genus names.
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Multiple results of the same species may indicate multiple voucher specimens.

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